Cornrow To Hedgerow

The Keith Rocco painting “Cornrow to Hedgerows” will be the basis for the exhibit
Coming Soon!

The west room of the museum has been designated a 4-D interactive space to honor the World War II exploits of the 134th Infantry Regiment. A French hedgerow and fighting figures based on the Keith Rocco painting were considered a fitting tribute. The display will be a “cornerstone” exhibit in the museum. Architects renderings of the display were created by HealyKohler in 2014. The museum would like to have the display installed and dedicated on the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of St. Lo, France in July, 2019.

No other exhibit or display in the Museum will be as elaborate as the Cornrow to Hedgerow 4-D Experience. This will be the only 4-D Experience in the National Guard Museum system.

Everything we do in the display is based off the Keith Rocco painting “Cornrow to Hedgerows”. Create the effect of walking into the actual painting and experience what Nebraska soldiers had to endure in World War II. Patrons will enter from the rear of the painting on the trail after exiting the briefing tent area. There is a by-pass lane and exhibit area along the east wall that follows the 134th from the Hedgerows to Germany. They will walk down the path past 12 soldiers and a jeep. The interaction will be caused by sound and air movement through the hedges.